Staged Photography, University of appl. arts and science Lucerne (2009)

Mentoring Fritz Franz Vogel

This very special course 'staged photography', with a very special mentor indeed, was at the beginning of the MA in Lucerne. We were asked to realize a staged photography project within 6 days - all about 'provocation'. Our result was presented at the Mensa (Lunchroom) of the school =).
My work was all about the NABU (Word for 'navel' in bernease - swiss german). In German there is a saying: Der Nabel der Welt (The Navel of the World). It stands for the centre, the focus people look at. I took it litteraly... For me it was a great exercise to improve my Photoshop skills. And yes... the navel belongs to the person in the portrait. They are all my classmates. Thank you for being so brave!