durrerarchitekten.ch (2010)

freelance assignement (Nov. 2010)
with anthon astrom (prgramming)

The idea: my website is my businesscard - my businesscard is my website. Out of the businesscard design, I started to generate ideas with the architects for their new website. Figured out that there are three windows we have to focus on: a menu box (businesscard), a content box, and an imagebox. Then we built this beautiful, userfriendly and unique website. Via drag and drop, the user can freely arrange the windows as he wishes to. Everytime the site is being reloaded, randomly new arrangements show up. The meaning of this special feature is a demonstration of the 'thinking out of the box' and the 'possibility of building everything'. The navigation is, with it's horisontal showreel-like scroll option (image box) and with the vertical scroll-option inside the projects (text box), very well linked across all the boxes. When scroling one box, the others automaticly respond with the according information. Also a demonstration for well linked solution thinking.
An other thing I particularly like about this website is the fact that there is not one single subsite! No clicking into.. no clicking back! Maximum one or two clicks, and the user finds each and every content available - a very userfriendly, honest and souvereign concept, I think.

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