Launch: May 2012
Yves Durrer: Design
P2H: Code

Working on the CLIMAQUA project with DYNCO AG is great fun. Almost two years have passed now and finally we are very happy to launch the new website.
As a product developer and graphic designer of CLIMAQUA brand, I'm happy to complete another milestone with realizing the web project.

Designing websites these days, many different kind of devices for displaying must be considered. A website is not just designed for a common PC anymore, but for all smartphones and tablets and many different kind of browsers. It's a big challange to build a website that suits all popular browsers, apps and displays. Either you choose the expensive version - customized code and design for different requirements or - if you don't have that golden goose in your garden - you need to find a single general clever solution: one code, one design that works on every platform. I think we found a beautiful way to do that.

Check it out yourself:

Thanks to, they did a great job.

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