Bodymotion on Smallscreen

Dissertation at Lucerne University of science and applied Arts, Major Animage, Track Short (2009)

Robert MĆ¼ller
Dr. Axel Vogelsang

It was a beautiful, snowy sunday morning in the swiss alps, when I was playing in the gondola with my iphoneā?¦ right there came up the idea of an application that would show me how to improve my snowboarding skills. I was watching the fabulous movie 'that's it that's all' from Travis Rice these days and uploaded it on my iPhone - so I had it always in my pocket! But I wasn't satisfied when I watched the movie on the small screen..
I realized that the small screen has it's own character! Suddenly my thoughts started to jump from one idea to the other; it was an important moment - the start of my project! I checked the appstore for a comparable application, but there was none! Did I just find a market niche right thereā?¦? I put together the fragments of my thoughts, presented it to my teachers in the school of arts Lucerne and ended up with the scientific question for my dissertation: How to put bodymovements of sports (generally) in scene, so that they can be viewed (and navigated) the best and easiest way possible on smartphones?

The thesis analyzes two important questions
1. What kind of techniques, media channels and notation of teaching methods are being used for sport tutorials so far?
2. What is is the potential of the smartphone as a device for sport tutorials?

The movieclips you see right there is a prototype of how I imagine my app. They show my ideas of putting in scene snowboard tutorials. I worked out 4 most important categories to consider, when building an iphone application for freestyle snowboarding.
Navigation  (clip1)
User experience and organization of the information.

The visibility of the character on the smallscreen. Outlines, clothing, zooming, background, etc.

The support of animated notes like arrows, lines, marks, words, etc. in the picture.

Techniques how to reach a most sensitive and detailed information about the snowbaorders exact movements.